Titan Maximum.

  • Sep. 28th, 2009 at 2:30 PM
skywalker: (space cake (shoujo black!))
Just watched the pilot of Adult Swim's new stop-action show, Titan Maximum. It's basically an unholy cross between Team America and Power Rangers, and it is filling the troll-mecha void in my heart that the end of Space Cake left.

I'm so happy right now.



Wow good thing I realized that.

  • Jul. 30th, 2009 at 6:44 AM
skywalker: kara thrace / bsg (msg (CLAMPMURO))
Whoops, can't go to NYAF, gotta take the LSAT that Saturday.

Curses? CLAMPmuro related.


  • Jul. 3rd, 2009 at 5:59 PM
skywalker: kara thrace / bsg (basquash (we'll be running on!))
1. Basquash is still fabulous and everyone should watch it.

2. Did you know that fireworks in America were originally used to celebrate George III's birthday on June 4th? The practice was pushed back to July 4th to celebrate independence. Thanks, NYT!

3. Sora Kake Girl was also fabulous and most people should watch it.

4. French toast for dinner.

5. I'm a lazy bum who's accomplishing nothing this summer... and yet, somehow, this doesn't faze me at all.

Innocent Venus + Basquash. Beards!

  • Jun. 30th, 2009 at 5:56 PM
skywalker: (new groove (high five))
I watched Innocent Venus yesterday and it was amazing. It's the sort of show that, like -- I wouldn't mind admitting to watching to people who don't watch anime? It was just a really amazing series. One that has a cool plot without being all about ~kawaii~ crazy antics and fanservice... it was really stunning.

Right now I'm watching Basquash, which is the complete opposite -- but such a polar opposite that it's still good. It's frequently pervy in an over-the-top, no-one-could-take-this-seriously way. And it's about PLAYING BASKETBALL IN GIANT ROBOTS! There's the girl who wants to beat a tough opponent and then bang him ("I'LL GET YOUR GENES!!!!!!!!!!") and the foot fetish woman ("THESE TOUGH, FLEXIBLE FEET ARE TELLING ME THAT THEY WANT TO FIGHT AGAIN!" "I DON'T TALK TO FACES, ONLY TO FEET!"). There's a magical psychic princess who can sense ~*~destiny approaching~*~! And a guy named Iceman Hottie (rofl, Yuuchi Nakamura, you're gonna get typecast as a nutjob forever. "DESTROY DESTROY SHOOOOOOOUNEN DESTROY"). I totally, wholeheartedly recommend it if you like ridiculous anime about retards and things exploding.


Beards! I hate scraggly beards! Full beards are okay, but scraggly beards are absolutely the worst! If I have to shave my pits and legs, then guys had better fucking shave! Soul patches are hideous! Scruffy beards are hideous! Full beards are also bad but at least they aren't scruffy and weak! Basically -- I hate beards!