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1. Basquash is still fabulous and everyone should watch it.

2. Did you know that fireworks in America were originally used to celebrate George III's birthday on June 4th? The practice was pushed back to July 4th to celebrate independence. Thanks, NYT!

3. Sora Kake Girl was also fabulous and most people should watch it.

4. French toast for dinner.

5. I'm a lazy bum who's accomplishing nothing this summer... and yet, somehow, this doesn't faze me at all.
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I have a string of girlfriends getting married this summer, one after the other (the latest one is getting engaged tomorrow), while I'm still single. My summer is unproductive and frickin lonely.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Let's be lazy bums together.
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Guys with facial hair who believe it's attractive <<;

I feel like the leftover kitty in the cardbox xD;

Getting my friends to go out is like pulling teeth. Given the choice between being the one to babysit everyone else, plan the party, and organize every little detail of the outing, and between curling with caramel tarts and watching DVDs, staying at home wins every time.

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Also, must steal the caramel tart recipe from mom. It's like tiny squares of pure heaven that murder your waist, but you just can't stop eating the stuff.
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I'll sweet talk mom into giving me her recipe. Incidentally, it turns out this dessert store has stolen/copied one of mom's famous chocolate crumbling biscuit recipes, and they're selling the stuff for $100 per kilo. Mom didn't bother going after them since they ended up copying the recipe so badly, the biscuit tasted horrid.

*nags her brothers to shave allll the time*

I'm a control freak and always like to be in charge, so people got too used to me arranging events for them. I'm kind of regretting it now.

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A luxury patisserie, I think. The price is ridiculous even for expensive shoppers.

You wouldn't want to scare small children.

I aspire to be a tag-along one day ;o; My friends are spoiled!