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the girl who leaps through space! ([personal profile] skywalker) wrote2009-07-20 10:51 pm
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Today, I went to the consignment shop to look for 1) a suit, 2) sneakers, and 3) a dress for mom.

1) Only found one suit (too big), but found a few nice blazers without skirts/pants attached (not what I need).

2) Nada.

3) Found nothing for mom, but did find a dress that fit me pretty well, except that it was weirdly wide at the waist, like it belonged to part of a suit...

... and it only just hit me now that the dress went with one of the nice blazers. Doy. I'll have to go back and get it tomorrow.

[unbearable smugness]The dress was a size 0. I don't care if Ann Taylor vanity sizes to the point of stupidity, I still did a happy dance in the dressing room.[/unbearable smugness]