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I had to drive to Six Flags to pick up my little sister on Saturday. NPR was airing my least favorite show ("Prairie Home Companion"), so I flipped through my mom's preset channels and wound up listening to Fox Radio talking about how Obama has magical Jedi powers because he's getting people to agree about a ~terrible~ healthcare plan. The radio host kept talking about how people in Britain wait OMG FOREVER to see a doctor, so I called in to say, um, no, I went five times in six months and always got appointments within a week and waited ten minutes to see the doctor.

Why is it that I can always successfully call in to conservative talk radio shows, but never manage to call into "Science Friday" or "Talk of the Nation"?

So unfair.
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[personal profile] kiwikiwi 2009-07-20 05:07 pm (UTC)(link)
shhh, shhh, your facts are going to mess up their hyperbole!