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the girl who leaps through space! ([personal profile] skywalker) wrote2009-07-17 02:30 pm
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That took forever!

The other day, my brother killed my mom's computer somehow. It wouldn't boot Windows, it wouldn't let me reinstall Windows. I asked my dad and he said he knew how to run the harddrive as a backup drive, but for some reason he prioritizes staining the deck above reuniting my mom and her Excel files and wouldn't have done anything before Sunday.

Anyway. I wound up asking /g/ for help, and, although the first Linux Live system I tried never recognized my flash drives, the second one did, and I got all of my mom's most important files off the wrecked system. But she was curious...

Mom: How did you know to do that?
Me: I asked on a forum...
Mom: You just put out some general distress call?
Me: Yeah, pretty much.
Mom: How do you even know who to ask?
Me: Remember that article a few months ago about people on the internet who ruin people's lives?
Mom: Yeah.
Me: I asked them.
Mom: ... how do you know you can trust them?
Me: Googling the stuff they recommend. Plus, I didn't think I could break your computer any worse.
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[personal profile] parfacy 2009-07-17 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
I would like to break the idea of 4chan to mom one day.

I've already taught her how to speak lolcat.