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If I could dress my mother: a highly random post.

My mom dresses terribly. Usually this isn't an issue, because she works as an elementary school nurse and in emergency room admissions, and I don't think ten year olds or people who've been attacked by rabid squirrels care what she looks like.

But she does go to nice events (musicals, weddings, parties) and she tends to look... terrible when she does. She has a houndstooth dress shirt (from the eighties) and shapeless pants. And she is very pretty! She's an incredibly tiny lady, but she tends to swim in huge jeans/huge cords/huge blazers.

And that is why if I had $300 I would buy my mom this classic DVF wrap dress:

The end.
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[personal profile] schiarire 2009-07-04 06:31 am (UTC)(link)
Your mother is gorgeous and that dress would suit her really well! Too bad about the $300. :/