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(Hell yeah.)

So like nine million RPers will be in Baltimore for Otakon, making it a preemo chance for a pan-game Dreamwidth RP party. (LJ is invited, too, we guess.)

(Super exciting.)

So I guess we need some details.

When: 7:00PM to ???PM, Friday the 27th
Where: 201 Light Street, Light Street Pavillion Food Court (take the short skywalk east from the convention center until you get to Urban Outfitters. Go into the mall Urban Outfitters is in until you find the food court)
Who: DW and LJ RPers
Do I need to register for the con?: No. Light Street Pavillion is a public mall
Do I need to come in cosplay?: Also no
Is there an age limit?: No, it’s not a bar

(I forgot I had an imgur account with all these gifs.)

To make this even more extra special fun, some games are planning individual game meetups at the edges of the main one. So far I know:

- Aather, 7:30PM
- Mayfield, 6PM

(Sounds awesome, right?)

Please pass this around to games and people you think might be interested! I will be bringing (optional!) nametags, and carrying either a large gold trident or a blue lightsaber so people can find the meetup in the food court.

(Dramatic conclusion.)

Hope to see you there!