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Thomas the Tank Engine at

2. Luigi the Freight Engine by Thunderman88
A new engine comes to Sodor; his name is Luigi and hails from Italy. Follow him as he finds a new life, new friends... and old foes! It's my very first fanfiction, so don't be too hard on me!

33. The Mystery of the Magic Railroad ยป by DonPianta reviews
Two magic engines. Two normal engines. An evil diesel. A catastrophe. Lost hope. A forgotten railway. An evil curse. A chance to answer the questions...

39. Thomas, Percy, and the Strange Coal by CypherD-TRIX reviews
Thomas and Percy are sent to help open a new coal mine, but the coal is the strangest thing there. Contains mild drug themes.

45. The Legacy Begins by DonPianta reviews
When Sir Topham Hatt tells Dennis of his true need in the world, Dennis must go out on an adventure to find the other 5 like him and stop the evil spirits from taking over the world.

49. Thomas The Suicidal Tank Engine by Stupidfic reviews
all aboard! next stop, THIS FIC!

"Contains mild drug themes" is my favorite.

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