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the girl who leaps through space! ([personal profile] skywalker) wrote2009-08-19 04:59 pm
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Help me Eff-List Kenobi.

I can't decide whether or not to do the school's honors thesis program.

If I do, I need to write an eighty page thesis on whether or not the War on Terror has led to a decline in the international benefits traditionally associated with the Anglo-American "special relationship."

If I don't, I'll graduate in December and start looking for a job.

- Looks good on resume? But how good? Any better than having a 3.9? Don't law schools only care about LSAT and GPA?

- Pain in the ass.
- Blah on the seminar teacher.
- Didn't pick a good adviser.
- Not terribly interested in the subject.

Your thoughts? When I applied for the program, I thought I'd go to grad school. Then I realized that if I'm this unwilling to write an eighty page paper, I shouldn't be going to grad school anyway.

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